Oct 22, 2021

How Many Tesla Stores are there Around the World?

Tesla’s total store count around the world is 438, along with 100 service centers.Tesla not only requires developing dealerships but also chargers and service centers.

How Many Tesla Stores are there Around the World?

From the release of the roadster in 2008 to the new generation Teslas of today, the exponential growth of the company is inexplicably commendable. Today, you can find Teslas in almost every corner of the world. Tesla is not only keen on introducing stores in different parts of the world, but is also setting up assembly lines and manufacturing units around the world, as well.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, aims to expand its manufacturing capacity so that the company can boost production in the coming years. Having a global manufacturing infrastructure will help the company compete with other automakers in the industry such as Toyota, BMW, VW, and others.

Companies such as these are gradually moving their production line to include all-electric cars similar to Teslas, making them even more of a competitor than they were before. This is why the need to have a presence all across the globe is urgent for a leading EV company such as Tesla.

Tesla’s urgency to expand into the foreign market

An alarming sign for Tesla is that other automotive factories have already set foot on the global scale, whereas Tesla has to build distribution centers and manufacturing units from scratch in other countries.

Constructing this type of infrastructure can cost Tesla billions of dollars and they have to make an astounding level of effort if they wish to scale in time before other electric vehicle companies take hold on the foreign market.

If Tesla is to develop a presence in new markets, it has to first learn how to adapt to the different regulations of other countries. Elon Musk, in this case, is notorious for pushing the boundaries with the US regulators in many instances. Despite all of this, the founder of the company is making great strides in some of the biggest foreign markets, such as China and Germany.

Total number of Tesla stores around the world

Currently, Tesla’s total store count around the world is 438, along with about 100 service centers. To truly establish a presence in foreign countries, Tesla not only requires developing dealerships but also chargers and service centers. This is why, throughout the world, you can find roughly 14,000 Tesla chargers.

The most number of chargers and stores are in the US since this is Tesla’s birth country. Tesla has about 160 stores in the United States alone. Tesla also has a vast network of Superchargers in the country allowing Tesla owners to travel across the country with ease. The count of these Superchargers edge close to approximately 5000 and Tesla plans to focus on expanding their network of Superchargers in the US.

Apart from having 160 stores in the US, as of mid-2021 Tesla has about 38 stores in Germany, 31 stores in China, 29 stores in the United Kingdom, 19 stores in France, 19 stores in Switzerland, 12 stores in the Netherlands, 14 stores in Canada, and about 16 stores in Norway.

As you can see, countries of Europe and North America are where Teslas are sold, and China is the only Asian country where you can find a Tesla Dealership, along with Tesla chargers. You can also find three service centers in China.

Where are Teslas Sold?

Teslas are sold all over the world, but the United States is the leader in Tesla sales. There have been nearly 200,000 Teslas sold in the U.S. each year over the past 3 years.

Final words

If you are a car enthusiast residing in any of the above countries, and still haven’t been able to decide whether investing in a Tesla will be practical for you, then consider the following: Are there stores and service centers near you?  How far is your daily commute?  What are the distances between charging stations?  If these considerations line up, a Tesla that decreases your carbon footprint and allows you to travel cost-effectively may be just the right purchase for you.

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