Are Tesla Car Owners Happy with their Purchase?

Pierce Keesee
Pierce Keesee
April 27, 2022
Are Tesla Car Owners Happy with their Purchase?

Going over the extensive and amazing features of the Tesla is not enough to deduce whether owners are happy with their purchase. The best way to tell whether Tesla car owners are truly satisfied with their EV is to piece together accumulated reviews of users who have driven their Teslas over 10,000 miles.  Only then, can one tell whether it is indeed one of the best cars that exists today.

The three most important aspects that make a car a worthy purchase is cost-effectiveness, reliability, and enjoyment. Below, this article will break down these features and deduce the valuation of the car by what customers have to say about their Tesla experience.


Many Tesla car owners were unsure about the car’s reliability, especially when it first came out. The first generation Teslas were yet to prove their reliability because not many people had used them for a year or more. Moreover, there was some bad news circulating online about Teslas.

These stories were targeted towards the software and hardware issues, and skepticism was on the rise especially regarding the first 15000 Teslas that made it into the market. However, Tesla overcame all criticisms and set new records in terms of reliability.

Considering Tesla is still very young in the automotive industry, it’s incredible reliability comes at a surprise for many Tesla car owners. Many owners have been open to share that they have never been stranded in this car while on the road.

Moreover, even on the lowest battery levels, Teslas have outperformed many other cars in the same price range. Nevertheless, the charging station infrastructure is yet to spread across all locations, which is why many Tesla owners face range anxiety.

To overcome the range anxiety, Tesla offers users with an energy graph that can help them predict the estimated range on the car. This means that car owners can overcome this range anxiety by paying close attention to the graph. With the help of the graph, many car owners agree that they have never had their Tesla completely run out of battery charge.

Lastly, many Tesla owners have come across minor bugs and errors with the infotainment software that simply recovers by a screen reboot.  Most will agree that they never had to face any major software reliability issues with their car.


The most number of complaints and criticism that surrounds Teslas has to do with their overall costs. Car enthusiasts are keen to criticize the upfront costs of the Tesla. Tesla has a fairly reasonably priced car in the form of the base Model 3, however, with all the additional integrations, the car ends up being as costly as all the other models.

For people who have a budget that can easily accommodate the Tesla Model 3, the high upfront cost is worth it if you consider the rest of their time owning a Tesla involves very little expenditure and running costs when compared to a gasoline powered vehicle.

Tesla owners are especially happy with saving hefty amounts that they used to spend on gas. Moreover, charging the car overnight allows owners to carry out their daily commuting needs on a single charge without any problems.  Apart from gas costs, owners are also free from spending on oil changes, maintenance, and all other costs of the internal combustion engine.


Tesla owners have given amazing reviews about the Tesla car. People seem to love that most Teslas come with a lumbar setting that sets according to the previously set driver profile. Also popular, all Teslas come with a premium sound system that allows people to experience music, audio books, and media with the highest quality stereo sounds.

In terms of drivability, the instant torque and high speeds of the Tesla makes it one of the most enjoyable cars to drive. Its handling and balance also makes the car effortless and fun since the heavy battery packs cover the entire length of the car.


The clean and minimalist design of the Tesla Model 3 across the entire car makes users realize how most other cars use up so much of the car space for useless and unnecessary buttons and dials. The uniqueness of the car excites most people, and also bothers a few.

Final words

Given Tesla’s excellent reliability, superb road handling, it’s great sound system, some of its unique features, as well as the lack of gas and other expenses associated with combustion engines, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of Tesla owners are happy with their purchase.

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